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Publicaties van auteur Walspurger, S. 
Walspurger, S.; Elzinga, G.D.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Saric, M.; Haije, W.G.;
Sorption enhanced methanation for substitute natural gas production: Experimental results and thermodynamic considerations
ECN-W--14-004 EN januari 2014; 10 pag.
Gepubliceerd in: Chemical Engineering (), 2014, Ed.242, p.379-386.
Saric, M.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Rabou, L.P.L.M.; Walspurger, S.;
Power-to-Gas coupling to biomethane production
ECN-L--13-061 EN september 2013; 21 pag.
Gepresenteerd op: ICPS13 - International Conference on Polygeneration Strategies, Vienna, Austria, September 3-5 2013.
Saric, M.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Walspurger, S.;
Power-to-Gas coupling to biomethane production: a feasibility study
ECN-M--13-023 EN september 2013; 12 pag.
Selow, E.R. van; Cobden, P.D.; Dijk, H.A.J. van; Walspurger, S.; Verbraeken, P.A.; Jansen, D.;
Qualification of the ALKASORB sorbent for the sorption-enhanced water-gas shift process
ECN-W--13-028 EN augustus 2013; 12 pag.
Gepubliceerd in: Energy Procedia (Elsevier), 2013, Ed.37, p.180 -189.
Haije, W.G.; Walspurger, S.; Geerlings, H.;
Re-use of CO2 and intermittent renewables
ECN-L--13-050 EN juni 2013; 40 pag.
Gepresenteerd op: Clearwater Clean Coal Conference, Clearwater, Florida, USA, June 2 to 6, 2013.
Walspurger, S.; Dijk, H.A.J. van;
EDGAR CO2 purity: type and quantities of impurities related to CO2 point source and capture technology: a Literature study
ECN-E--12-054 EN maart 2013; 48 pag.
Walspurger, S.;
Balancing Power grid and Gas grid
ECN-L--12-065 EN november 2012; 26 pag.
Gepresenteerd op: Young Energy Delta Convention 2012, Groningen, The Netherlands, 20th of November 2012.
Dijk, H.A.J. van; Walspurger, S.; Cobden, P.D.; Brink, R.W. van den;
Testing of hydrotalcite based sorbents for CO2 and H2S capture for use in sorption enhanced water gas shift
ECN-M--10-106 EN maart 2011; 8 pag.
Walspurger, S.; Cobden, P.D.; Haije, W.G.; Westerwaal, R.; Elzinga, G.D.; Safonova, O.V.;
In situ XRD detection of reversible Dawsonite Formation on Alkali Promoted Alumina: A Cheap Sorbent for CO2 Capture
ECN-W--10-065 EN februari 2011; 3 pag.
Gepubliceerd in: Angewandte Chemie International Edition (Wiley-VCH), 2010, Ed.17, p.2461-2464.