Publicaties van het type Boek(hoofdstuk) in 2016.
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PM10 Source Apportionment in Five North Western European Cities - Outcome of the Joaquin Project
ECN-B--15-009 EN oktober 2016; 29 pag.
Gepubliceerd in: Environmental Science Technology, Airborne Particulate Matter : Sources, Atmospheric Processes and Health, 264, 292, 978-1-78262-491-2, Royal Society of Chemistry,
Boon, J.;
High-temperature separation of carbon dioxide and hydrogen by sorption-enhanced water-gas shift and palladium membranes
ECN-B--16-006 EN augustus 2016; 202 pag.
Gepubliceerd in: Proefschrift.
Sark, W.G.J.H.M. van; Schepers, J.G.; van Wees, A.M.;
The Growing Role of Photovoltaic Solar, Wind and Geothermal Energy as Renewables for Electricity Generation
ECN-B--16-003 EN maart 2016; 18 pag.
Gepubliceerd in: Sustainability Assessment of Renewable-Based Products; Methods and Case Studies, 19, 36, 978-1-118-93394-7, Wiley & Sons Ltd..
Hamm, N.A.S.; Lochem, M. van; Hoek, G.; Otjes, R.P.; Sterren, S. van der; Verhoeven, H.;
AiREAS: Sustainocracy for a Healthy City - The Invisible made Visible Phase 1
ECN-B--16-002 EN februari 2016; 29 pag.
Gepubliceerd in: SpringerBriefs on Case Studies of Sustainable Development, 51, 77, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-26940-5_3, SpringerBriefs on Case Studies of Sustainable Development.
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Fuel pre-processing, pre-treatment and storage for co-firing of biomass and coal
ECN-B--15-010 EN januari 2016; 21 pag.
Gepubliceerd in: Fuel Flexible Energy Generation; Solid, Liquid and Gaseous Fuels, 121, 143, 9781782423782, John Oakey.