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Publicaties van auteur Kruijf, W.J.M. de
Kruijf, W.J.M. de; Freudenreich, W.E.;
On the use of WIMS-7 for calculations on accelerator-driven systems
ECN-R--97-017 EN 1998; 27 pag.
Kruijf, W.J.M. de;
Calculational study on irradiation of americium fuel samples inthe Petten High Flux Reactor
ECN-R--94-027 EN 1995; 29 pag.
Bultman, J.H.; Kruijf, W.J.M. de;
Evaluation of thorium based nuclear fuel: reactor physics
ECN-R--94-031 EN 1995; 24 pag.
Kruijf, W.J.M. de;
Reactor physics analysis of the pin-cell Doppler effect in athermal nuclear reactor
ECN-R--94-033 EN 1995; 130 pag.
Kruijf, W.J.M. de; Janssen, A.J.;
Benchmark calculations on resonance absorption by 238U in a PWR pin-cell geometry
ECN-R--93-016 EN 1993; 40 pag.
Kruijf, W.J.M. de; Janssen, A.J.;
Detailed resonance absorption calculations with the Monte Carlo code MCNP and a collision probability version of the slowing down code ROLAIDS ;
ECN-RX--93-109 EN 1993; 8 pag.
Kruijf, W.J.M. de; Janssen, A.J.;
On the definition of the fuel temperature coefficient of reactivity for pin-cell calculations on an infinite lattice
ECN-RX--93-012 EN 1993; 10 pag.
Kruijf, W.J.M. de;
ROLAIDS-CPM: a code for accurate resonance absorption calculations
ECN-R--93-013 EN 1993; 27 pag.
Kruijf, W.J.M. de;
On the calculation of the fuel temperature coefficient of reactivity for a critical configuration
ECN-R--92-007 EN 1992; 25 pag.
Kruijf, W.J.M. de; Jianmang,  Li;
A shortcoming of NITAWL/BONAMI, causing problems in KENO calculations = ECN-I--92-015
ECN-I--92-015 EN 1992; 18 pag.