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Study of compatibility of silicone-based electrically conductive adhesives and conductive backsheets for MWT modules
Beaucarne, G.; Broek, K.M.; Chislea, Brian; Yanghai, Yu; Wei, Jason; Zambova, Adriana; Bennett, I.J.
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ECN Zonne-energie 20-9-2014
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ECN-W--14-035 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Energy Procedia (Elsevier), , 2014, Vol.55, p.444-450.

We investigate the compatibility of silicone-based electrically conductive adhesives and different surface finishes of the conductive backsheet (CBS) used in MWT module assembly technology. We find that the same ECA can lead to dramatically different properties of the electrical contact depending on the kind of surface finish. On lower cost surface finishes, such as those based on Organic Solderability Preservative, it is more challenging to achieve a low ohmic and stable contact using an ECA. Nevertheless, a silicone-based ECA, called Dow CorningĀ® PV-5802, was developed that leads to excellent performance (low cell-to-module losses) and durability as evidenced by mini-modules passing 2000 hours of damp heat and 600 thermal cycles.

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