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Testing Interconnections using Conductive Adhesives for Application in PV Modules
Broek, K.M.; Jong, P.C. de; Kloos, M.J.H.; Nieuwenhof, M.A.C.J. van den; Bots, T.L.; Meuwissen, M.H.H.; Steijvers, H.L.A.H.
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ECN Zonne-energie 11-9-2006
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ECN-RX--06-033 Conferentiebijdrage
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Gepresenteerd op: 21st European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Dresden, Germany, 4-8 september 2006.

In current module production the electrical interconnections are soldered to the solar cells. For current modules with thin cells and new module concepts with back contact cells, the replacement of solder by conductive adhesives can be advantageous. However, the current IEC tests were developed for soldered interconnections, which have other failure mechanisms. Therefore, three additional tests have been developed for the testing of conductive adhesives to be used in solar modules. In combination with computer simulation techniques developed in the same project, the tests will contribute to a better understanding of failure mechanisms of PV modules with conductive adhesives.

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