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Environmental life cycle assessment of advanced silicon solar cell technologies
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ECN Zonne-energie 1-6-2004
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ECN-RX--04-060 Conferentiebijdrage
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Gepresenteerd op: 19th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Paris, France, 7-11 juni 2004.


An environmental Life Cycle Assessment has been conducted for standard and advanced production technologies for multicrystalline silicon module production and new BOS concepts. It was found that the production route based on Solsilc silicon feedstock and RGS wafer technology can yield a 50% reduction of the environmental impacts in comparison with present-day standard technology. Similar results were obtained for a process using Bayer/Deutsche Solar feedstock material and EFG ribbon technology. New BOS concepts can also help to reduce environmental impacts especially if they allow the use of frameless modules. With such new technologies life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions of PV systems in Southern-Europe can be reduced to about 30 g/kWh and energy pay back time can be as low as 1.2 years.

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