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System studies on combined PV thermal panels
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ECN Energie in de Gebouwde Omgeving en Netten 1-5-2001
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ECN-RX--01-026 Conferentiebijdrage
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12 Download PDF  (112kB)

Gepresenteerd op: 9th International Conference on Solar Energy in High Latitudes. Northsun 2001, Leiden, The Netherlands, 6-8 mei 2001.

PV/Thermal panels transform sunlight into electricity and heat. CombiningPV panels and thermal panels into one panel results in lower direct electric as well as thermal efficiencies per unit area, but the advantages are a potential cost saving in production and installation and a saving of roof area. In the study, three different systems with PV/T panels are studied numerically to examine the best way to use these kinds of panels.

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