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Scoping paper - Promoting off-grid renewable energy in Indonesia
Gepubliceerd door: Publicatie datum:
ECN Beleidsstudies 3-6-2014
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ECN-O--14-017 Overig
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Off-grid renewable energy systems, such as micro-hydropower plants, can be the least cost option to provide electricity in rural areas in Indonesia. They can also contribute simultaneously towards Indonesia┬┤s goals for electrification, renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation. This paper considers the current Indonesian practice for off-grid programmes and suggests opportunities for improvement. Specifically, it looks for possible synergies between off-grid systems and solutions developed through the MitigationMomentum project for small and medium scale on-grid renewable energy systems; i.e. the types of government intervention that might benefit both off-grid and on-grid systems. Capacity building, technical assistance, and coordination are identified as the primary challenges where such synergies could be achieved. There seems to be limited value to try and address additional challenges around responsibility for ongoing performance and cost recovery, before technical and management challenges are overcome. These issues of operational responsibility and financial sustainability are quite different between off- and on-grid projects, and will need to continue to be addressed for off-grid systems through (coordinated) government programmes and improved provincial oversight and collaboration.

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