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High-performance AR coating on glass applied using high-pressure molding
Jong, J.; Brouwer, E.; Rosca, V.; Burgers, A.R.; Carr, A.J.; Okel, L.A.G.
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ECN Zonne-energie 25-9-2017
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ECN-M--17-027 Conferentiebijdrage
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Gepresenteerd op: EUPVSEC, Amsterdam, , 25-29 september 2017.

Herein we report on the development and testing of a high-performance structured AR coating applied to solar glass by means of TOWA’s high-pressure molding technology. This technology allows the application of optically-active structures on glass with unprecedented freedom of geometry and precision. The structured layer with AR functionality were based on a theoretically defined geometry, which then was translated into a mold design. As deduced from the systematic I-V measurements at different angles of incidence, the developed ARC provided a ca. 2.1% rel. gain in ISC at normal incidence and greatly improved light capturing at high angles of incidence as compared to flat glass, but also compared to a typical commercial structured solar glass. The experimentally-derived incident angle dependence was then used to estimate the impact of ARC on annual yield for a typical residential system. Depending on the location and the system orientation the ARC improves the annual yield by 5-7% rel. when compared to a flat glass-black background configuration and by 2-2.5% rel. when compared to a flat glass-white background configuration. Aside from greatly light trapping, the coating could offer additional advantages, like improved aesthetics, protection against mechanical impact, and electrical safety of a module and could benefit such applications as BIPV, automotive PV, portable PV, space-based PV.

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