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Characterization of full size MWT back contact and H-pattern modules by outdoor IV-tracing measurements and explanation of the difference in energy yield
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ECN Zonne-energie 24-9-2012
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ECN-M--12-052 Conferentiebijdrage
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ECN has developed modules with Metal Wrap Through (MWT) cells glued on a electrical conductive Back Contact (BC) foil. The properties of the MWT-BC modules and a standard H-pattern module were investigated by outdoor IV tracing measurements. For both modules, the short circuit current is linear with the irradiance. The power output of the MWT-BC module is also linear with the irradiance, while the H-pattern module deviates from linearity at increasing irradiance. The deviation from linearity is explained by the higher series resistance of the H pattern module due to the ohmic resistance of the busbars. The gain in yield due to the lower resistance of the MWT-BC module is calculated from the power output of the out-door IV tracing measurements at ECN (Amsterdam area, The Netherlands). The gain in yield will be even higher for southern countries and future modules having higher efficiency and improved light incoupling.

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