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What happened in Barendrecht?! Case study on the planned onshore carbon dioxide storage in Barendrecht, the Netherlands
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ECN Beleidsstudies 18-10-2010
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ECN-E--10-057 ECN rapport
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Since 2007, there have been plans to establish an onshore CCS (carbon capture and storage) demonstration project in the Dutch town of Barendrecht. This project, initiated by Shell, aims to store CO2 from its nearby oil refinery in Pernis (in the Rotterdam harbour area) in two depleted gasfields largely located under Barendrecht. The plans caused debate between proponents and opponents, which delayed implementation of the project. Until the time of writing (June 2010), no decision about the implementation of the project has been made. This case study report describes the events related to the Barendrecht project between 2007 and June 2010. The report, which is based on desk research and interviews with relevant stakeholders, outlines the defi ning moments that influenced the relationships between the stakeholders and their opinions of the project. It focuses on the characteristics of communication between stakeholders and to the community. Shortcomings in this communication are identified and presented as lessons for future CCS project developers.

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