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Lightning damage of OWECS; part 3: case studies
Rademakers, L.W.M.M.; Braam, H.; Ramakers, S.G.M.; Wessels, H.R.A.; Prins, R.K.N.J.; Lok, R.; Leunis, L.
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ECN Windenergie 1-6-2002
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ECN-C--02-054 ECN rapport
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In order to obtain a better understanding of the costs resulting fromlightning damages, ECN has defined the project "Cost Modelling of Lightning Damage for Offshore Wind Farms. The project in fact has three main objectives, which correspond to the main tasks in the project.

  1. Collection of Data.
    An inventory has been made of all relevant aspects that contribute to the costs of lightning damage. The aspects have been parameterised to apply them as input in the cost model. If necessary, not only the most likely values have been determined but also the uncertainties by specifying either the minimum and maximum values or by specifying the statistical distribution functions of these variables.
  2. Probabilistic Cost Model.
    The scatter and uncertainties of most variables wil1 lead to scatter in the annual costs for lightning damage and the annual downtime. To evaluate the effect of lightning damage on the annual costs and downtime, a probabilistic model has been developed. The model has been implemented in MS Excel with the add-in module @Risk to perform probabilistic calculations.
  3. Case Studies.
    With the probabilistic tost model and tbe parameters estimated, a number of wind farm configurations on various offshore locations at the North Sea have been analysed. Based on the results of these analyses recommendations and generic conclusions have been drawn.

With the probabilistic cost model several analyses are presented in this report together with conclusion and general recommendations with respect to lightning damage in offshore wind farms.

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