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Mogelijkheden voor toepassing van hernieuwbare energie in de glastuinbouw 1995-2010
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ECN Beleidsstudies 1-8-1998
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ECN-I--98-038 ECN rapport
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The results of a scenario analysis on the potential for renewable energyin greenhouses in The Netherlands are presented. Based on different energy prices, the contribution of renewable energy towards the total energy usage in 2010 in the greenhouse sector is estimated against the background of the socio-economic European Co-ordination scenario. This contribution in 2010 is varying between less than 1% at low energy prices to slightly more than 10% at high energy prices. The main contributing technologies are gas-fueled heat pumps for heat supply, wind turbines for electricity generation, the use of water basins for thermal storage and geothermal heat in case of high energy prices. The analysis includes a superficial sensitivity analysis on the input data of the different technologies. 9 refs.

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