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A benchmarking study of the application of a Distributed Bragg Reflector as back-reflector on n-Pasha solar cells
Luxembourg, S.L.; Spinelli, P.; Ingenito, A.; Liu, J.; Isabella, O.; Zeman, M.; Weeber, A.W.
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ECN Zonne-energie 14-9-2015
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ECN-M--15-003 Conferentiebijdrage
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A Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) optimized for textured substrates was applied as back-reflector to n-Pasha (bifacial) cells. The (infrared) light trapping performance was evaluated and compared to high quality back- reflectors (BRs, i.e. Ag, TiO2) and to a reflective white backsheet (in a single cell laminate). It was found that compared to the open-rear configuration the DBR improves the response to the infrared similar as the other BR options. However, when the cells were combined with a white backsheet in single cell laminates no difference in performance was observed. The ultimate application for a DBR in photovoltaics is thought to be in an ultrathin device in combination with efficient front side trapping. Initial simulations were performed to evaluate and optimize light trapping for a combination of a Mie coating and a DBR. Possible ways for further improvement have been identified.

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