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The impact of silicon feedstock on the PV module cost
Coso, Gonzalo del; Canizo, C. del; Sinke, W.C.
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ECN Zonne-energie 6-11-2009
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ECN-W--09-005 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells (Elsevier), , 2010, Vol.94, p.345-349.

The impact of the use of new (solar grade) silicon feedstock materials on the manufacturing cost of wafer-based crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules is analyzed considering effects of material cost, efficiency of utilisation, and quality. Calculations based on data provided by European industry partners are presented for a baseline manufacturing technology and for four advanced wafer silicon technologies which may be ready for industrial implementation in the near future. Iso-cost curves show the technology parameter combinations that yield a constant total module cost for varying feedstock cost, silicon utilisation, and cell efficiency. A large variation of feedstock cost for different production processes, from Near Semiconductor Grade Si (30€/kg) to Upgraded Metallurgical Grade Si (10€/kg), changes the cost of crystalline silicon modules by 11% for present module technologies or by 7% for advanced technologies, if the cell efficiency can be maintained. However, this cost advantage is completely lost if cell efficiency is reduced, due to quality degradation, by an absolute 1.7% for present module technology or by an absolute 1.3% for advanced technologies

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