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Crystalline silicon PV technology roadmapping in the CRYSTALCLEAR Integrated Project
Sinke, W.C.; Coso, Gonzalo del; Canizo, C. del
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ECN Zonne-energie 11-9-2006
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ECN-RX--06-025 Conferentiebijdrage
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Gepresenteerd op: 21st European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Dresden, Germany, 4-8 september 2006.

CrystalClear is an Integrated Project carried out in the 6th Framework Program of the European Union. The main project aim is to reduce the direct manufacturing costs of crystalline silicon PV modules to 1 €/Wp, when produced in next-generation plants. CrystalClear deals with the entire crystalline silicon value chain from silicon feedstock up to module manufacturing. Since many combinations of options for cell and module design, processing and materials may potentially fulfil the project aims, careful prioritization and selection of research topics is crucial. Moreover, research performed on the different parts of the chain has to be carefully coordinated and integrated in order to achieve results on a project level. In CrystalClear this process is performed through technology roadmapping, in combination with cost calculations and environmental analyses. This paper described the process and the results of roadmapping and cost calculations. Results of environmental analyses have been published elsewhere by E.A. Alsema et al. (see the CrystalClear project website). It is found that crystalline silicon PV technology indeed has the potential for direct module manufacturing costs of 1 €/Wp, or even less. This confirms the numbers in the recently published Strategic Research Agenda of the PV Technology Platform, see Critical conditions to reach the target cost level are: efficient silicon utilization (g/Wp module power), high total area module efficiency and high-throughput, high-yield production.

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