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Invloed van stedenbouwkundige thema's op de energievisie
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ECN Zonne-energie 1-12-2000
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ECN-C--00-116 ECN rapport
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To set up a so-called Energy Vision, in which different energy savingoptions for an urban area are compared, use is made of several calculation tools, e.g. the Energy Efficiency Standard (EPN in Dutch), Energy Efficiency on Location (EPL) and an Optimal Energy Infrastructure (OEI). In the present Energy Visions not all aspects of urban development and related energy consumption are taken into account. In this study the impacts of different urban development subjects (e.g. use of materials, traffic, waste removal, use of water and indoor climates) on the energy consumption of a newly to be built area are assessed. Also methods to calculate the energy consumption are compared and discussed. 47 refs.

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