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CONMOW: Condition Monitoring for Offshore Wind Farms
Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Braam, H.; Xiang, Jianping; Watson, S.
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ECN Windenergie 27-3-2007
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ECN-M--07-037 Conferentiebijdrage
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Gepresenteerd op: European Wind Energy Conference 2007, Milan, Italy, 7-10 mei 2007.

To investigate whether a cost-effective integral condition monitoring system can be realized in practice the European project CONMOW (Condition Monitoring for Offshore Wind Farms) was started in November 2002, A small wind farm of five turbines has been instrumented with several condition monitoring systems and also with the "traditional" measurement systems. Data analysis of these measurements aims to develop algorithms that can be integrated in SCADA systems. This should lower the cost of condition monitoring systems and produce more accurate information for O&M planning. In this paper the approach of the project, the instrumentation of the wind farm, and the results are outlined.

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