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European windturbine testing procedure developments SMT 4-CT96-2116 : blade testing methods subtask 2
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ECN Windenergie 1-4-2000
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ECN-C--00-055 ECN rapport
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Within the project ?European Wind Turbine Testing Procedure Development? task 2 Blade test Methods and Techniques? five laboratories performed full-scale tests on a NedWind 25 rotor blade. These institutes were CRES (GR), DUT (NL), ECN (NL) and Risø (DK). The fifth official project participants NREL (USA performed the same tests at their own account.The main objective of the performed work is to find out whether the test method/procedure in-fluences the result of the test. To prevent that blade manufacturing tolerances influences the results of the project to much two labs, CRES and NREL, performed their tests on two identical blades. This makes the total number of blades tested within this project 7. This report describes and compares the: - tests procedures; - test results.

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