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ECN-Nieuwbouw op weg naar 0-energie
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ECN Windenergie 1-2-2000
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ECN-C--00-030 ECN rapport
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Building 42 is the name of a new building under construction at theNetherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN) in Petten, Netherlands. The energy performance of this office building will be considerably better than the already efficient building 40 (built in 1994). The Renewable Energy building (building 40) has an energy performance coefficient (EPC) of 1.4, while calculations for building 42 show an EPC of 0,92. The most important energy savings are achieved through passive measures that limit energy demand such as: daylight in almost every workspace; good insulation; mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, backed up in the summer with natural ventilation; cooling in the summer with night ventilation. Photovoltaic panels and cogeneration will generate electricity and heat. This will result in energy consumption that is much lower than the EPC indicates. ECN also has plans to use biogas for cogeneration so that the use of fossil fuels for this building will approach to zero. The extra costs are minimal, especially considering the level of comfort provided

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