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Silicon-Light: A European project aiming at high efficiency thin film silicon solar cells on foil
Soppe, W.J.; Krc, J.; Leitner, K.; Haug, F.J.; Duchamp, M.; Sanchez Plaza, G.; Wang, Q.
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ECN Zonne-energie 7-7-2014
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ECN-W--14-020 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: EPJ Photovoltaics (EDP Sciences), , 2014, Vol.5,

In the European project Silicon-Light we developed concepts and technologies to increase con- version e?ciencies of thin ?lm silicon solar cells on foil. Main focus was put on improved light management, using NIL for creating light scattering textures, improved TCOs using sputtering, and improved silicon ab- sorber material made by PECVD. On foil we achieved initial cell e?ciencies of 11% and on rigid substrates stable e?ciencies of 11.6% were achieved. Finally, the project demonstrated the industrial scale feasibility of the developed technologies and materials. Cost of ownership calculations showed that implementation of these technologies on large scale would enable the production of these high e?ciency solar modules at manufacturing cost of 0.65 e/Wp with encapsulation costs (0.20 e/Wp) being the dominant costs. Life cycle analysis showed that large scale production of modules based on the technologies developed in Silicon-Light would have an energy payback time of 0.85 years in Central European countries.

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