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Biosyngas Utilization in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Ni/GDC Anodes
Ouweltjes, J.P.; Aravind, P.V.; Woudstra, N.; Rietveld, G.
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ECN Waterstof en Schoon Fossiel 5-2-2007
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ECN-W--07-015 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology (ASME), , 2006, Vol.3, p.495-498.

The combination of biomass gasification systems with fuel cells promises adequate systems for sustainable, decentralized energy conversion. Especially high temperature fuel cells are suited for this task because of their higher tolerance to impurities, their internal steam reforming potential, and favorable thermal integration possibilities. This paper presents the results of biosyngas utilization in solid oxide fuel cells with Ni/GDC anodes at 850 and 920°C. The relation between the fuel composition and the electrochemical performance is discussed, as well as the impact of sulfur up to a concentration of 9 ppm H2S. The investigations have made clear that Ni/GDC anodes can be operated within a wide range of biosyngas compositions. Sulfur has appeared to deactivate the anode for methane reforming. The oxidation of hydrogen and carbon monoxide are insensitive to sulfur, suggesting that both nickel and GDC are active electrocatalysts.

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