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Biomass for energy and industry: ECN contributions to the 1st world conference and exhibition on biomass for energy and industry
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ECN 1-6-2000
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ECN-RX--00-007 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: A joint millennium event of the 11th European Conference on Biomass for Energy and Industry & the Biomass Conference of the Amer (), , , Vol., p.-.

This paper presents the history and objectives of the development of astandard method for the measurement of organic contaminants in biomass producer gases. Recently, a project with that title has started in the European 5"t"h Framework Programme. The structure of this project with acronym 'Tar Protocol' is also described in this paper. The project is performed by 17 partners and continues earlier work initiated by IEA (International Energy Agency), DoE (Department of Energy) and EU (European Union) in 1998. The project aims to combine two draft Protocols that resulted from this earlier work. The Tar Protocol will be developed for accurate measurement of organic contaminants ('tars') over a large range of concentrations (1 mg/Nm3 to 100 g/Nm3) and conditions (0 - 900 deg C; 0.9 - 60 bars). Besides, a particulate concentration will be determined too. Together with the Protocol comes a number of accepted 'shortcut' methods which are based on (or are similar to) existing measurement methods. lt is foreseen that these shortcut methods, only covering part of these ranges of concentrations and conditions, will be used most in practice. The question whether a Tar Protocol is needed, is answered in this paper. 5 refs.

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