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Suspensions and sol processing for the manufacturing of high performance ceramic pervaporation and gas separation membranes
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ECN Energie Efficiency in de Industrie 1-11-1999
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ECN-RX--99-038 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Paper submitted for publication in Industrial Ceramics (), , , Vol., p.-.

Membrane material, membrane module design and system design all threedetermine the performance of membrane separation units. However, most important are the membrane material properties. Without the use of membrane materials that possess sufficient intrinsic selectivity and permeability for the separation of a certain component(s) from a mixture (liquid or gas), operating a membrane separation unit is not possible at all. Membrane material properties depend on the structure of each layer and the (pore) defect structure of each layer. Especially the latter becomes of crucial importance in scaling up from lab scale membrane areas of a few cm2 to the large surface areas needed for commercial applications. Colloidal processing is the key to control the structure of an inorganic membrane on all these three levels. 16 refs.

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