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Elektrisch geleidende keramiek
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ECN Energie Efficiency in de Industrie 1-10-1998
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ECN-RX--98-054 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Verschijnt in 'Klei, Glas, Keramiek', 1998, nr. 11 (), , , Vol., p.-.

Dense Al2O3-TiN and Si3N4-TaN composites with the second phase content upto 30 vol% were produced by a hot pressing technique. The influence of amount of dispersoid on microstructure, mechanical properties, electrical resistivity and oxidation resistance was evaluated. The addition of TiN or TaN particles increases the stiffness and fracture toughness of the base material. The electrical resistivity of the composites is lower than 10" for a material with TiN/TaN content higher than 25 vol.%. The thermal stability of the composites is strongly affected by the presence and amount of the second phase. 16 refs.

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