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Long-term stability of nanocrystalline dye-sensitized solar cells
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ECN Zonne-energie 1998
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ECN-RX--98-033 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Paper, presented at the 2nd World conference and exhibition on photovoltaic solar energy conversion, Vienna, Austria, 06-10 July (), , , Vol., p.-.

Experiments are described in which the long term stability ofdye-sensitized nanocrystalline TiO2 solar cells (nc-DSC) has been tested under different conditions. Artificial tests are performed via aging of sealed devices by means of continuous illumination under 3/4 sun conditions and accelerated conditions (2.5-3 sun). An outdoor test facility is used to monitor the performance of sealed cells daily under natural sunlight. The influence of some potential contaminants (water, ethanol) on the stability of nc-DSC, consisting of commercial P25-TiO2, an electrolyte methoxypropionitril solution and a polymeric (Surlyn"R) sealant, was investigated. The data suggest that base-additives, e.g. 4-tert-butylpyridine, not only result in higher values of Voc and Maximum Power Point, by suppressing the unwanted dark reaction, but protect the cells somehow from the destructive effect of water up to volume fractions of 5%. High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is used to analyze the cell contents of aged cells. 4 refs.

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