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Nuclear data for accelerator-driven systems: nuclear models experiments and data libraries
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ECN NUC 1998
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ECN-RX--98-015 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Submitted for publication in Nuclear Instruments and Methods A (), , , Vol., p.-.

An outline is presented of the status of nuclear data evaluation foraccelerator-driven systems. The international effort consists mainly of measuring, compiling and calculating nuclear data for elements and isotopes relevant for transmutation of radioactive waste, energy amplification and other accelerator-related nuclear applications. We argue that input for global, macroscopic calculation schemes for hybrid nuclear systems basically should consist of two types of nuclear data: (a) high-energy transport codes for energies above about 150 MeV, (b) neutron and proton data libraries, for both transport and activation, for energies below about 150 MeV. Our specific contribution to the field concerns (b). The evaluated data are calculated and stored in ENDF6-format with the computer codes ECIS96, GNASH and MINGUS. New phenomenological optical model potentials up to 200 MeV are presented and we illustrate the library production with a short outline of the other employed physical methods. The calculated results are compared with the available experimental data. 39 refs.

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