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Status Report on NAMAs - Mid-year update May 2012
Tilburg, X. van; Röser, F.; Hänsel, G.; Cameron, L.R.; Escalante, D.
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ECN Beleidsstudies 16-5-2012
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ECN-O--12-012 Overig
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This report presents a snapshot of the state of play for NAMAs in the form of a concise mid-year update of the 2011 Annual Status Report. The data presented show a significant uptake in NAMA activities in the last six months. It presents an overview of new submissions to the UNFCCC, of actual NAMA activities around the world, and a review of ongoing support activities to prepare for NAMA development and implementation. A key feature of the report is a discussion of key topics of the policy debate on NAMAs highlighting those aspects where more insight, clarity or action is required. This is based on the inputs of a range of experts and practitioners active in the field of NAMAs which were interviewed for the purpose of this report.

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