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SiteChar D8.1 Characterisation of European CO2 storage. Qualitative and quantitative social site characterisations
Brunsting, S.; Pol, M.; Paukovic, M.; Kaiser, M.; Zimmer, R; Shackley, S.; Mabon, L.; Hepplewhite, F.; Loveridge, R.; Mazurowski, M.; Polak-Osiniak, D.; Rybicki, C.
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ECN Beleidsstudies 16-8-2012
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ECN-O--11-071 Overig
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Social site characterisation can be used as an instrument to plan and evaluate a process of active and constructive local stakeholder engagement in a prospective CCS project. Social site characterisation runs parallel to technical site characterisation. It roughly consists of a formative research phase to get acquainted with the area followed by a series of public information and engagement activities based on the outcomes of the first phase. This deliverable presents results from the first phase for the social site characterisations of a prospective CCS site in Poland (onshore) and the UK (offshore).

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