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Inventarisatie van beleidsvragen en onderzoek rond fijn stof in Nederland
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ECN 1-8-1998
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ECN-R--98-016 Overig
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An overview is given of the most important knowledge gaps with respect tofine particulates. The aim is to indicate the direction for research on fine particulates for the coming years on the basis of present questions of policymakers in the Netherlands. The following areas of interest are distinguished for part A: Improve scientific knowledge: (1) emissions of fine particulates; (2) description of the air quality; (3) public health risk assessment; and (4) biological mechanisms and critical characteristics of dust particulates. For Part B: Improve the use of acquired knowledge, only one area of interest has been determined: integral evaluation of the results of different research projects. Also a rough overview is given of research on the subject of fine particulates in the Netherlands by means of a simple survey among researchers in relevant research institutes. The research activities are categorized under the subjects emissions, air quality, health effects, risk assessment, and other. 20 refs.

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