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Eco-efficiency van een chemische warmtepomp
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ECN Energie Efficiency in de Industrie 1-10-1998
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ECN-I--98-048 Overig
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The results of five analyses for a chemical heat pump and a gas-firedboiler with respect to energy consumption, environmental effects, depletion of resources, and costs are presented. The analyses concern exergy analysis, life cycle analysis (LCA), exergetic LCA (ELCA), life cycle costs analysis (LCC), and exergo-economical analysis. It appears that for the comparative analyses LCA, ELCA and LCC the economical performance of the gas-fired boiler is better than for the chemical heat pump. The chemical heat pump, however, scores best with regard to environmental effects and use of resources (ELCA). The other two analyses (exergy and exergo-economical) show where and how the design of the chemical heat pump can be adjusted in order to realize an energetic and cost-effective design. 16 refs.

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