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Gamma spectrometry of SIWAS R268-07: gamma scan wires 1 through 5
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ECN-I--98-021 Overig
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Within the framework of their on-going programme for the materialdevelopment and characterization for fusion reactors, ECN is investigating the irradiation behaviour of ferritic/martensic steels. In the irradiation experiment R268-07 SIWAS, stainless steel samples have been irradiated in an irradiation capsule. Packed with the stainless steel samples are five gamma scan wires to obtain information about the neutron fluence distribution through the irradiation capsule during irradiation. These five gamma scan wires have been examined by gamma scanning. This report describes the gamma spectrometric equipment, the performance of the measurements and the results of the measurements. The work described in this report has been performed according to the ISO 9001 procedures handbook of the section Non-Destructive Examinations of the ECN Hot Cell Laboratory (LSO). 2 refs.

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