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A program for modelling surface recombination velocities
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ECN 1998
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ECN-I--98-018 Overig
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Background information for the program SURFREC is presented. SURFRECcomputes the surface recombination velocity (SRV) of a surface from a description of the defects at the surface for different injection levels. SURFREC is the successor of the program SCALC and is upwards compatible with this program. SCALC implements the flat band model with one parabolic defect. SURFREC adds the parabolic band model for more accurate prediction of SRV at lower injection levels and implements more types of defects. SURFREC is a much faster program than SCALC. The program SURFREC is implemented in C and has a better program structure leading to a better readable source and allowing for easier addition of new features. 4 refs.

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