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Neutron metrology in the HFR: steel irradiation: R276-10 (MANIA)
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ECN-I--98-003 Overig
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The experiment series R276 (MANIA) is part of a materials' irradiationtesting program, investigating different types of stainless steel. The experiments are, or have been irradiated in the HFR Petten. This report presents the final metrology results obtained from activation monitors in the specimen holder MANIA-10, coded as R276-10, containing austenitic stainless steel 316HIP-BONDED. The monitor sets are used to calculate the thermal and fast neutron fluences, displacements per atom and the generated helium content. The irradiation circumstances for this experiment, carried out in a TRIMURTI insert placed into channel 03 of a TRIO type capsule in HFR position G3, represent the conditions at the first wall of NET (Next European Torus). The aim of this irradiation for specimen holder R276-10 was to reach a damage level of nearly 5.0 dpa at a temperature of 275C. The main results of the thermal and fast neutron fluence measurements, indicate that the maximum obtained damage levels are slightly more than 4.0 dpa. 17 refs.

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