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Microstructural investigation of the NESC-1 clad layer and base material
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ECN 1998
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ECN-I--97-047 Overig
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A large international program was performed to characterise the materialproperties of the NESC-1 spinning cylinder. The spinning cylinder is composed of A533 base material and an austenitic cladding layer. Only a limited amount of microstructural information is available that can be related to the various material properties. The large variety in properties of the base material just under the clad layer are for instance, solely due to the microstructure of the heat affected zone (HAZ). The investigation of a cross section parallel to the T-direction revealed a continuous brittle martensitic layer at the cladding-base material interface, varying in thickness up to 30mum. The fine grained HAZ (FGHAZ) reveals martensitic segregation bands with a hardness of 375-430HV0.05. So this is expected to be a relative brittle phase in the HAZ. Low carbon martensite was found in the ER308/309L cladding material. A decarburized zone (70-80mum) was found at the fusion line. The base material, HAZ and austenitic clad layer have been investigated by optical microscopy, hardness measurements and EDX-analysis. 3 refs.

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