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Visualisatie van de spanningswisselingen in cyclisch belaste componenten
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ECN-I--97-035 Overig
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Fitness for Purpose (FFP) analysis methods are more and more applied toassess the integrity of constructions. FFP analyses were carried out for static and cyclic loaded components of nuclear and non-nuclear installations. The structural integrity of those components is analyzed and assessed with regard to the ASME criteria. The ASME evaluation requires a large amount of mathematical and administrative calculations as a result of which in most cases the overview of the applied method and the control of the method is lost, in particular for components or parts thereof which undergo cyclic loading in the elasto-plastic area for which a supplementary 'Simplified Elasto-Plastic Analysis' is required. The visualization of the largest stress variations in the construction, in combination with the Fatigue Curve of the applied material, gives a very good impression of the possible damage and the origin of assumed defects. By this, also non-experts can gain insight into and control the applied linear rule of damage. 10 refs.

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