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Coal ash utilization, characterization, quality control and environmentalimpact assessment
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ECN 1996
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ECN-RX--96-044 Overig
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In the last decades studies have been carried out to characterize theleaching behaviour of coal ash in relation to disposal. As soon as the beneficial properties became more and more recognized characterization also took place in relation to beneficial applications of coal ash mainly in construction. The main question has always been how leaching test results could be used as a reasonable measure for its behaviour under field conditions. Existing single step regulatory tests proved clearly inadequate for that purpose. Therefore, leaching tests have been developed that address the issue of release to the surroundings in a more fundamental manner, but at the same time keep the approach as simple as possible to allow use of such tests as a tool in decision making. 4 figs., 2 tabs., 18 refs.

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