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Cost-performance of direct drive wind turbine generators
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ECN 1996
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ECN-RX--96-027 Overig
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The study on the title subject involves 5 different design concepts ofvariable speed wind turbines without gear box and with approximately 300-1500 kW nominal shaft power: the electrically excited and the permanent magnet synchronous machine, the induction machine (radial and axial field) and the switched reluctance machine. For the selected concepts, design programmes have been developed, including specific electromagnetic generator models as well as material and construction costs in order to optimise them for maximum cost-to-performance ratio's. As a result, the different concepts can be mutually compared with respect to their ratio of investment costs to yield. Detailed cost-to-performance calculations have been carried out for 500 kW direct drive wind turbines. 4 figs., 2 tabs., 8 refs.

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