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Report on the foreign specialist visit to the center of environmentalsciences of Peking University: 30 October - 16 November 1995 [ECN-I--95- 056]
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ECN 1996
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ECN-I--95-056 Overig
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The visit was organized in the Specialist Service Program of the ForeignInvestment and Loan Office (FILO) of the State Education Commission. The appointment was as specialist to the China Key Studies Development Project. The task in the appointment was fourfold: (1) lecturing on a subject of key interest for China in the field of the expert (aerosol science); (2) consulting with staff on curricula on the topic of aerosols and on short- term aerosol projects; (3) advice on the long-term research strategy of the institute; and (4) assessment of capabilities and expertise of the Institute

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