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Round Robins of solar cells to evaluate measurement systems of different European research institutes
Manshanden, P.; Borg, N.J.C.M. van der; Bliss, M.; Mihaylov, B.; Gottschlag, R.; Izzi,  M.; Tucci, M.; Roca, F.; Romano, A.; Graditi, G.; Hohl-Ebinger, J.; Warta, W.; Debucquoy, M.; El Daif, O.; Gordon, I.; Champliaud, J.; Jouini,  A.; Glatz-Reichenbach, J.; Bothe, K.; Herguth, A.
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ECN Zonne-energie 30-9-2013
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ECN-M--13-025 Conferentiebijdrage
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Determination of the solar cell efficiency and internal quantum efficiency are standard characterization methods used by the majority of research institutes. Random errors can be assessed by institutes themselves by repeated measurements, but systematic deviations cannot be assessed without comparisons with other institutes. The comparisons were performed for illuminated IV, spectral response and reflection measurements. The results were split into systematic differences between the partners and random differences within an institute for a single measurement session. The total differences are: Jsc: 0.27 A, Voc: 8.5 mV, FF: 2.4 %, ?: 0.6%, spectral response: 0.14 A/W and reflection: 0.08. For all measurement methods, the systematic differences exceeded the random differences. The major component for the systematic differences is likely the reference device, but also temperature control, contacting scheme and setup differences play a part.

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