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The influence of wind farms on the wind speed above the wind farms
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ECN Windenergie 18-10-2012
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ECN-M--12-067 Conferentiebijdrage
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This paper addresses the effect of clusters of wind farms on the flow above the wind farms and their power productions. In the first part past and present modelling approaches are reviewed. In the second part computational results are presented and discussed. These results comprise the wind speeds within, in between and above two offshore wind farms, plus the power of these wind farms, as calculated with the wind farm design tool FarmFlow. It is shown that the wind speed deficit due to a cluster of wind turbines may extend to large heights, and that increasing the space between wind farms may not always assist in the recovery of the external wind speed. It is concluded that the wakes of large offshore wind farms may cause production losses at other wind farms even when they are separated at huge distances.

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