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Use of test results from the percolation leaching test (TS3) in the framework of the Construction Products Directive
Zomeren, A. van; Dijkstra, J.J.; Mesman, M.; Spijker, J.; Eikelboom, R.
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ECN Environment & Energy Engineering 14-11-2013
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ECN-O--13-050 Overig
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The enforcement of the European Construction Products Directive (and the more actual Construction Products Regulation) (1, 2) has led to the development of European harmonised standards for assessment of the emission of “dangerous substances” from construction materials. According to Basic Working Requirement (BWR) number 3, the emissions from construction products to soil and groundwater should not have an unacceptable impact on the environmental quality over the life cycle of the product. In this paper the technical needs and boundary conditions of leaching tests to obtain meaningful and reliable test results are explained. Although this paper will not go into detail on “impact assessment” and the resulting development of regulatory criteria, we will show below that the technical needs and boundary conditions of a test are to some extent dependent on what type of information is needed by regulators for environmental impact assessment. This short paper focuses on explaining the principles of testing leaching behaviour of aggregates, and briefly explains the leaching of size reduced and non-size reduced particles. It provides information for the actual discussions on size reduction before leaching testing.

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