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Materiaalselectie onderzoek voor ECO-II van de Gemeentelijke Afvalverwerking Amsterdam (GDA)
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ECN Environment & Energy Engineering 1-11-2000
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ECN-C--00-113 ECN rapport
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In order to be able to select materials for a heat exchanger in the lastdraught before the first washer of the title waste processing installation sixteen materials and combinations of materials were tested under realistic temperature and environmental conditions. The tested materials can be subdivided into five metallic materials (2 iron base alloys and 3 nickel base alloys); 3 ceramic materials (SiC and two aluminium oxides); 1 graphite material (impregnated); and 7 coated pipes of 15Mo3 substrate material. Of those the following materials are suitable in case a service life of 5-10 years is aimed at: silicon carbide, graphite, ECTFE coating, and enamel coating. 8 refs.

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