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The promotional effect of water-soluble extractives on the enzymatic cellulose hydrolysis of pretreated wheat straw.
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ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 21-4-2017
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ECN-W--17-007 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Bioresource Technology (Elsevier), , 2017, Vol.243, p.994-999.

Enzymatic cellulose hydrolysis of pretreated wheat straw pulp to glucose is enhanced when the hydrolysis is performed in the presence of an aqueous extract of the feedstock. A relative digestibility increase of around 10% is observed for organosolv, alkaline and dilute acid pretreated wheat straw pulp (enzyme dose 2.5 FPU/g pulp). At lower enzymes doses, the extract effect increases leading to an enzyme dose reduction of 40% to obtain a glucose yield of 75% after 48 h using organosolv wheat straw pulp. The mechanisms are not fully understood, cellulase deactivation by irreversible binding to pulp lignin can be reduced by competition with proteins in the extract. However, since the extract effect has also been demonstrated for lignin-lean substrates, an improved accessibility of the pulp cellulose (amorphogenesis) cannot be excluded. Overall, this contribution demonstrates the positive effect of biomass extractives on enzymatic digestibility, thereby lowering costs for 2G biofuels and bio-based chemicals.

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