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Advanced cycle technologies: improvement of IGCCs starting from the State-of-the-Art (Puertollano)
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ECN 1-11-1998
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ECN-RX--98-063 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Second conference "Coal and Biomass: High-Tech Fuels for the Future", clean coal technologies for solid fuels (JOULE-THERMIE, 19 (), , , Vol., p.-.

The tasks of this research project are to investigate the potentialefficiency improvements and the potential reduction in cost for manufacturing and erection (plant delivery price) of a Puertollano type IGCC power plant and to assess the economy and environmental impact. Also, the technical feasibility and profitability of co-gasification of biomass in oxygen-blown entrained-flow IGCC plants are to be studied. Besides, the Universities of Essen and Ulster and the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN), the companies Krupp Uhde and Siemens are participating in this project. They have manufactured and supplied major components for the Puertollano IGCC power station. Siemens has also delivered the combined gas and steam turbine plant for the Buggenum IGCC power station in the Netherlands. They put their knowledge gathered from the engineering of these plants into this project and will furthermore use the design principles and know-how elaborated in this JOULE project for follow-up IGCC power plants. Co-gasification of biomass in IGCC coal power plants reduces CO2 emission. The use of this fuel is a further step towards a sustainable energy supply system. ECN conducts supporting lab-scale experiments and studies different variants of highly and low integrated IGCC systems. The University of Ulster carries out detailed techno-economic analyses based on mass and energy balances under the assumption of equal market, ambient and technical boundary conditions. Hence, costs of power plants and of electricity generating are calculated without first-of-its-kind costs at the same data base and are, therefore, comparable to the various power plant concepts. The University of Essen acts as the contract coordinator and contributes to process thermodynamics and optimisation of the IGCC power plants and investigates efficiency improvement potentials and cost effectiveness of improvement measures. 12 refs.

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