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Reliability testing of AC-module inverters
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ECN Zonne-energie 1997
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ECN-RX--97-048 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Paper, presented at the 14th European photovoltaic solar energy conference and exhibition, 30 June - 4 July 1997, Barcelona, Spa (), , , Vol., p.-.

AC-modules are relatively large PV modules (approx. 100-200W) with anintegrated inverter, mostly attached to the back of the PV-module. The AC-module can directly be connected to the grid. The flexibility and the modularity of the AC-modules make this technology a very promising one. One of the question marks of this AC-modules technology, however, is the reliability and lifetime. The reliability tests that are performed at ECN consist of an accelerated lifetime test (high temperature test) and a temperature cycling test. Test results of the high temperature test will be presented. In order to determine realistic temperature distributions 12 AC-modules will be monitored while mounted outdoors on a tilted roof. 4 figs., 4 refs.

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