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Comparison of charge accumulation and transport in nanostructured dye-sensitized solar cells with electrolyte or CuSCN as hole-conductor
Lenzmann, F.O.; Mahrov, B.; Hagfeldt, A.; Boschloo, G.
Gepubliceerd door: Publicatie datum:
ECN Zonne-energie 1-7-2005
ECN publicatienummer: Publicatie type:
ECN-RX--05-038 Artikel wetenschap tijdschrift
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Gepubliceerd in: Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells (Elsevier), , 2005, Vol.88, p.351-362.

The charge transport properties of the dye-sensitized solar cells consistingof Ru(dcbpyH2)2(NCS)2-sensitized nanostructured TiO2 with either redox electrolyte or CuSCN as hole conductor have been compared. The electron transport time and the electron charge in the TiO2 varies in a similar way with the incident light intensity for both hole conductors: electron transport becomes faster and electron accumulation increases with increasing light intensity. Electron transport in the CuSCN-based cells is significantly faster than in electrolyte cells under conditions where the accumulated charge is equal. An ultra-thin aluminum oxide layer on the nanocrystalline titanium oxide has a beneficial effect as it reduces the recombination and increases the open-circuit potential.

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