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TKI Wind op Zee - Synergies at Sea; Sub-Project 1, Phase 2: Design study of a combined infrastructure for offshore wind and interconnection
Wiggelinkhuizen, E.J.; Kontos, E.; Bauer, P.
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ECN Windenergie 20-3-2018
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ECN-O--16-052 Overig
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This report is part of the project Synergies at Sea. Synergies at Sea is conducted by a consortium that examines technical solutions, necessary changes to international legislation and regulations and new financing models. The consortium comprises eight members: Nuon/Vattenfall, ECN, Royal HaskoningDHV, Groningen Centre of Energy Law of the University of Groningen, Delft University of Technology, DC Offshore Energy and Energy Solutions, and is coordinated by Sweco.

The Synergies at Sea project has started in 2013 and will be finished in 2016. It comprises the following sub-projects (SPs):
• SP1 UK-NL Interconnector: Feasibility and Design study on the Offshore Wind Interconnector
• SP2 New Financial Structures and Products
• SP3 Regulatory Framework
• SP4 Distributed Temperature Sensing
• SP5 Value Engineering

The research for Synergies at Sea is carried out within the scope of the Top Sector Energy. The Top Sector Knowledge and Innovation - Offshore Wind (TKI-WoZ) leads the research, innovation and implementation activities concerning off shore wind technology, for the industry (small and medium sized enterprises) in the Netherlands. The aim is an effective cost reduction of 40 % for offshore wind as well as reinforcing the economic activities in the Netherlands, ensuring the international leading position of the Dutch offshore wind sector.

The current project is part of Research and Development (R&D) line 3 of TKI-WoZ "Internal electrical network and grid connection".

This report contains the final results from the design study of a combined infrastructure for offshore wind and interconnection, which has been conducted by ECN and TU Delft.

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