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Near CO2. WP 1.3: Mapping opinion shaping factors that influine acceptance of CCS prior to and after CCS project planning
Desbarats, J.; Brunsting, S.; Duetschke, E.; Upham, P.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Oltra, C.; Riesch, H.; Reiner, D.
Gepubliceerd door: Publicatie datum:
ECN Beleidsstudies 1-1-2011
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ECN-O--11-061 Overig
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This report represents the third deliverable of Work Package 1 of the Near CO2 project, and provides an overview of factors that potentially influence public opinion on carbon capture and storage (CCS). The structure of this report is as follows. Firstly, we describe the objective of this project and the methodology used. Secondly, we describe the results of our brainstorming activities and provide a literature review. The literature review provides an overview of how opinion shaping factors are developed through the presentation of four consecutive figures. Thirdly, we link these results to findings from the analysis of case studies completed as part of Work Package 1.2. Finally, we summarize the results and draw conclusions.

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