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Near CO2: D 3.1. Engagement and communication strategies for CCS projects: Gaps between current and desired practices and exemplary strategies
Breukers, S.C.; Pol, M.; Upham, P.; Lis,  A.; Desbarats, J.; Roberts, T.; Duetschke, E.; Oltra, C.; Brunsting, S.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Reiner, D.; Riesch, H.
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ECN Beleidsstudies 30-9-2011
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ECN-O--11-051 Overig
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Deliverable 3 (D3) has evolved from the work done in Work package (WP) 1, 2 and 3 of the NEARCO2 project, a project that aims to support the development of effective engagement and communication strategies for CCS projects. The purposes of engagement and communication can differ. The most narrow purpose is an instrumental one, when getting the project accepted and implemented is the only goal of participa-tion. Within the NEARCO2 project however, we have worked with the broadest definition, which also leaves room for democratic and quality goals (see table a). In line with this, effective engagement and communication has been defined in terms of meeting the needs (information and process related) of the involved stakeholders (including the ‘general local public’).

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